Younus group Of Companies

Younus Group of Companies is one of the leading importers, Stockiest and suppliers of Industrial and H.V.A.C Valves/ Pipes /
Fittings /Ball Bearings/ Flexible Hoses and Steam Traps Based In Karachi Since 1987.

As we are offering various kind of product range for Textile/ Pharmacutical/Oil & Gas/Food and Beverages/Cement /Power Plant/
Sugar and H.V.A.C Sectors. Younus Group is committed to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct.Our
relation ship with our customers, our suppliers ,our distributors,our competators, the communities in which operate,
and with each other as employees at every orginazational level. With the technical expertise,experience and
specialization in inventory Management.we believe in providing our clients best technical and After sales
support and as well as the benefit of continuous stock Availibilty.

Our primary responsibility is to those who use Our products and services.We are committed to Providing high quality
and value,fair prices and Honest transactions.We will deal both lawfully and Ethically
with all our customers for the long lasting

Business Relationships

Younus Group always believed in taking steps forward towards Success and growth.We have always
received supports from our Partners,customers and principals and for that we highly obliged.